Mozambique Scuba Diving : Lodges, Self-catering Accommodation

Mozambique beckons, with unspoilt, palm-lined beaches and world-class diving or snorkelling adventures. Take on a Mozambique holiday and experience for yourself a coastline fringed by extensive coral reefs, offering natural splendour and an underwater spectacle that is hard to match. Mozambique is also an ideal diving destination to take your first scuba dive course.

Scheduled Tours

Accommodated Dives move around, so you will be staying in beach lodges, hotels or on board a yacht. Like camping dives, these are scheduled tours, so read further down for other dive opportunities.


Camping Dives are mobile and and involve diving in various areas, usually for no longer than 3 days so you get to see a lot of the coast and the islands. And of course, you're camping.


Adventure Tours get you around the country and out to the islands. Perhaps to Kruger Park, some of them with groups, whilst others are private.

Where to Stay

Mozambique remains a jewel in southern Africa and a popular tourist destination for the sun, sand and sea lovers. Coconut palms, pristine, white beaches, and crystal clear waters reign this coastline, which is dotted with beach lodges and resorts, ranging from rustic to posh. So there's something to suit every pocket and taste.

Stay on the Islands. Further out to sea on the islands of Inhaca, Bazarruto, Benguerra and the Queirimbas Archipelago, are the more exclusive beach lodges offering an exqusite desert island life style. All of them have their own boats. Bring your snorkelling or dive gear, hire options are also available and have fun.

The capital city of Maputo is a feast for the senses, with its vibrant street life, bustling restaurants and superb seafood. An unforgettable Mozambique safari will let you share in the wonder of the islands of dreams. Find accommodation in Maputo hotels or island beach resorts

Diving in Mozambique

Whilst we offer some exciting itineraries for scuba divers who wish to dive in Mozambique, in some instances combining adventure your activities require that you have a base to operate from. Which means you need a place to stay. All the beach lodges we have selected have dive guides/leaders.

So, if you are a scuba diver or snorkler, you will want to consider a Mozambique Diving Package